Hannah Christensen

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My fascination with the ocean has grown since an Elementary School shark study unit. Then in High School, the Tripolitan War was touched enough to pique both interest and memory, so later when I decided I wanted to write a historical fiction story, I knew exactly what part of history I wanted to investigate. The story veered off course from ever getting deeply involved in the conflict, or meeting William Eaton, but that is where Should Any Calamity Befall started.

While you read this, I may be reading or writing. Or I may be shelving library books, folding laundry, listening to a child practice reading, molding polymer clay, or tickling my youngest sister. (She needs it.) If you are reading this on Sunday, I may even be playing flute in church.

To the glory of God, who sent His Son Jesus Christ to die in my stead and make me His own; to Him who promises to keep me and change me as well as forgive. May His light outshine my follies and keep reading eyes from wandering away from Him.