Cousin Stories

One spring day three cousins fell to talking. By the time they were finished, they had decided to each write a story about an island…

So began Cousin Stories. The second round I was invited, and it has grown from there. Each story has its own set of rules and a deadline, when we get together and share what we each have created.

Do you wish to join? Accept the challenge of writing your own story following the current rules, or enjoy the stories shared by the writers.

Come join the Cousin Stories.


Current Story

Chapter Titles

Include 5 chapters with these titles:

  • Well Acquainted With Falling
  • It Wasn’t Actually a Love Letter
  • It Was the Narrator the Whole Time
  • In Which Several Events Were Not Actually Tradgedies
  • Even More Piranhas

And, as always, keep it clean!

Due Date: 4 pm, October 25, 2019



Did you want to write and share a Cousin Story of your own? A group of us get together on the due date to read our stories to each other. We would enjoy hearing yours as well.

I would also consider posting it on my website as one of the ‘examples’ if you were willing to share it that way. Pen names are welcome.

You can e-mail your story to

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