Publishing Status

This novel has been taken up by Ambassador International for publishing.

Right now Should Any Calamity Befall is through the editing process and on to getting a cover and inside design.

February 17: The cover and inside are settled. The next step is putting it together in e-book form and prepress proofing.

March: The release date is set for July 1

October: It is officially out, though it doesn’t feel like it yet since I haven’t gotten my copies yet. My mom has an e-book edition, so I must have missed a step somewhere…must go investigate.shouldanycalamitybefall-coverpic

November 3: IT’S OFFICIAL! I am holding a copy in my hands!

January 8, 2019: This was the evening of a book signing hosted by Douglass Public Library. I started it off with a presentation introduced both the book and some of its setting–the Napoleonic and Tripolitan wars, the historical Orukter Amphibolos (No, I did not make up this wheeled steam boat).

Then there were cookies and visiting and books.