Stories by Author

Hannah Christensen

Penguins, Penguins Everywhere


La Mache

The Golden Ball; or, The Frog’s Side of the Story


Can’t Hide

My Other Life

Land of the Overrun

The Problem with Wizards

The Princess and the Potion

The Virtuous Chef

Abyss; or, Concerning the Relationship of Mermaids with the Pyramids of Egypt

Termites, Teacher and Taco Sauce

The Other Side of the Jungle

Twin Purposes; or, How to Build an Awesome Backyard in 5 Easy Steps

Woeful Nebula

Circus Catch

Frogcatcher’s Song

Dear Charlie

Footsteps in the Dark

The King’s Car


Toaster Sales

The Sword Flamed Red

At the Orange Festival

Drive Me Crazy

Above the Scenes

The Letter in A-2

James Christensen

Time Science

Red Riding Hood

Gamble in Honour

Battle Royale

Natasha Blade

You Killed Logic!

Broken Time

Faithful for a Thousand Years

How to Sell a Car

T. A. D. Adventurous

Having Plans


Pillow Report

Just A Few Embellishments

The Taco is the Job

Speed Reading

How to Get Henchmen in 5 Easy Steps

Household Appliances

Ten Meters Back

Apology Letters

Leaf by Leaf

Black Friday

ED Nobody

I Only Wanted to Buy a Mattress

Story Time

Crazy Cases

As You Find Them


Lexi Anders


The Three?

Frivolous Complexity

Five Easy Steps to Facing Bob

The King’s Circus


The Debate


Something Less Suspicious

Dream’s Octobot

Does it Absolutely Need to be Toast?

Kingdom’s Alignment

Lemon Uprising


Forget the Future

M. J. Austins


The Police Car

Goblin in the Cargo Bay

The Sleeping Princess

Mr. Bug

Revenge of the Calendar

My Other Life

Petty Hatred: How to Make an Enemy in Five Easy Steps

The People in the Car (a Sleeping Princess Sequel)

Rachel Lewis

Frog Collector

Frank Pickle

The Color of the Seasons


Adventures in Space


Travel Through Space

My Birthday Outing

The Sneaky Trick

The Music Store

The Theatre Disaster

The Three Tests

Simeon Christensen

The People in the Car

Miss Orchid


The Bus Ride


Captain Noseless

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