Stories by Author

Hannah Christensen

Penguins, Penguins Everywhere


La Mache


Can’t Hide

Land of the Overrun

The Problem with Wizards

The Princess and the Potion

The Virtuous Chef

Abyss; or, Concerning the Relationship of Mermaids with the Pyramids of Egypt

Termites, Teacher and Taco Sauce

The Other Side of the Jungle

Twin Purposes; or, How to Build an Awesome Backyard in 5 Easy Steps

Woeful Nebula


James Christensen

Time Science

Red Riding Hood

Gamble in Honour

Battle Royale

Natasha Blade

You Killed Logic!

Broken Time

Faithful for a Thousand Years

How to Sell a Car

T. A. D. Adventurous


Pillow Report

Just A Few Embellishments

The Taco is the Job

Speed Reading

How to Get Henchmen in 5 Easy Steps

ED Nobody

I Only Wanted to Buy a Mattress

Story Time

Crazy Cases

Lexi Anders


The Three?

M. J. Austins


The Police Care

The Sleeping Princess

Mr. Bug

My Other Life

Petty Hatred: How to Make an Enemy in Five Easy Steps

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