Should Any Calamity Befall

Should Any Calamity Befall coverWhen he came to Boston, Ezra never supposed his apprenticeship would bring him further east..

It is 1804. Ezra and George finally land in one two many pots of trouble, and find themselves sent to sea to learn some discipline. But how will a pair of boys who cannot avoid calamity over so much as tying a cravat face such perils as storms, warships, and hostile shipmates? Ezra must trust in God to see him through the voyage across the Atlantic…and the other side waits the Mediterranean and its hostile corsairs.

Should Any Calamity Befall is a novel voyaging into the realm of print. Prepare to board its pages.

A copy of this story may be ordered through Amazon  or Ambassador International. It is also available through Christian Book Distributor and Barnes and Noble.