Here is a list of the most recently added short stories: How to Get Henchmen in 5 Easy Steps by Natasha Blade A “How to __ in 5 Easy Steps Subtitle” story where a successful villain named Bob passes on valuable advice concerning henchmen via slideshow. Just a Few Embellishments by Natasha Blade What starts… Read More

Plan Change

Today I was prepared to clean the bathroom. It was on the plans, and I was ready to go. Things did not work that way. Mom began the day saying, “Everyone go outside and help pick up the sticks your dad heard falling all night.” Now, picking up sticks is a good excuse for being… Read More Plan Change

Storm Shelter

Last spring, my grandma was talking about how the news reported around fifty tornadoes already. She remembered one that devastated Udall a few days before she graduated from High School. While she spoke I thought, too, of the pictures of flooding in Oklahoma—houses with only their second story visible. I know I have no guarantee… Read More Storm Shelter