Speed Reading

By Natasha Blade

“Chapter three. More and more piranhas. Piranhas were pouring out of every drain in the city. Bathtubs, sinks, pools, hoses, were all overflowing, spreading the piranhas everywhere.”

          “Then Rodrique snatched the letter from Estella. Chapter four. Not actually a love letter. ‘Estella, do not be so cruel. This letter is merely a note from a friend. Nothing more!’ Rodrique quickly ate the note to hide any evidence.”

The piranhas were waist deep, chewing through everything they could get their teeth into. It was only a matter of time before they learned how to chew through the fire that was keeping them at bay.”

          “ ‘Oh Rodrique, say what you may, I know that it was not merely a note from a close friend.’ ”

“Chapter four. Even more piranhas. People were taking to the sky in anything they could– hot air balloons, air planes, helicopters, even helium balloons.”

          “ ‘It was clearly a love letter, Rodrique.’ Estella turned to leave. ‘I understand that you do not truly love me.’ ”

“Ooh. Is this a how-fast-you-can-read-your-story-out-loud competition?”

“California stopped fighting their wildfires and instead, encourage them. The firefighters were sent to set the rain forest ablaze.”

            “My story is called “Well acquainted with falling.”

          “ ‘Estella!’ Rodrique cried out. ‘It was not a love letter! It couldn’t be because I don’t know how to read!’ ”

            “The submarines burst from the sea, drowning thousands upon thousands of piranhas. Together, the submarine crews and fire fighters took the name Piranha Killers.”

“Chapter one, Well acquainted with falling, part one.”

          “Estella hugged Rodrique. ‘I am so sorry for doubting you! I should have realized that you cannot read.’ ”

“The piranha were bigger than the others, but that did not sway the mighty Piranha Killers.”

“Chapter two. Well acquainted with falling, part two.”

          “Rodrique held Estella as she cried the alphabet to him, promising that he would soon be able to write her love letters.”

“I actually only have the titles for my chapters. By the time I figured out how to spell ‘acquainted’ I couldn’t remember where I was going with the story.”

“Chapter five . No more piranhas. The world peered through windows warily. The piranha killers seems to have done what they promised, but they were scared. They had seen what the piranhas could do and they were didn’t want to risk coming out of hiding until they were sure it was safe.”

          “Chapter Five. In which several things happen that are not actually tragedies. It took Estella three years to teach Rodrique how to read.”

“Should I change the name of my second chapter? If I did, I wouldn’t have to have a part twp. Chapter two; It was the narrator the whole time.”

“Epilogue: Piranhas…? The piranha killers were praised as heroes even as they gave up their titles and went on to their new jobs. The submarine crews had swamps to clean up and the firemen had California to put out.”

“I still don’t know what else to do with my story. The end, I guess.”

          “And Estella and Rodrique lived happily ever after. The end.”

“And in two generations no one even knew what piranhas were. The end…?”  

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