Adventures in Space

By Caleb, age 11

I, captain starfleet was dumbfounded!The aliens had just turned around and stomped off!
Now I’d seen aliens before, I was the captain after all, I’d seen big ones, small ones,
green ones, purple ones, tall ones, short ones, but none like these.These looked like huge yello ants that walked on two legs, they had green eyes, three tails each (which I thought was weird), two atteni.

This is how it happened:I asked them to get their commander, then they looked very and  turned offended and stomped off.

I thought it was my translator so I took it to Pavle (the ones who made the translators)
he examined it and found nothing wrong.

The next day (which are a lot shorter than days on earth) they were back, with their  commander (I could tell because it was much bigger).I took my translator off.
Then they spoke, in English!I was very surprised!We made a treaty so we can collect
rocks from their planet (which is my business)when ever we want.

When we were on the space ship headed for earth pavle found me and said he researched it and those aliens were called Geoff aliens and could understand all languages, and the
Stomping is just how they walked.

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