Travel Through Space

By Xaris, age 9

“One, two, three, blastoff!” I am on a spaceship going to outer space so I can visit my friend. She moved to the moon two years ago. Crash! We wrecked the ship! Where are we?Not in the milky way that is for sure! 

“I hear strange sounds”, said my neighbor who had also come to see my friend.

“I do too. They sound like this “ble bloo blo.”

“Ble bloo blo bli.” “Bli blooblo ble.”

I look out the window. There are aliens outside. Blue, shaped kind of like octopi, with more legs. 

“I am sorry for crashing the spaceship.” said the space ship flier. 

“It’s ok” I said. 

We step outside the aliens stop talking and run at a surprisingly fast speed. I try to take a step but the gravity pulls me down.

“How do they run?” asks my neighbor.

We drop to our hands and knees and crawl back in to the spaceship and put on our space suits. We step back outside and take a step. It is still hard, but we manage. We walk to a strange building. In it are more aliens but they look stuck. We walk past more. Suddenly my neighbor stops. 

“What is the matter?” I ask. 

“There is a person in here!” he exclaims.

We run over to him and see for ourselves. It is a girl. She has brown hair and is talking to some aliens in their language! She turns around and gasps.

“Who are you” she exclaims! 

“I am Timothy” says my neighbor.

“I am Josh.” I say.

“I am Loois” says my spaceship flier. 

“My name is Lila” she says.

“We are stuck. I crashed the ship” says Loois. 

“Well you could fly mine with me” says Lila.

“Ok, but where are you and why are you stuck?” 

“I am in jail for landing the space ship in the wrong place. Bottle caps are money. I need one more.”

“We have some in the spaceship. Let’s go get them” I said.

We head back to the spaceship and grab some. On our way back we see some more aliens. They flee as well. We get back and give them to her. She gives them to the captain. We head to the spaceship and go home. 

The End

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