By ED Nobody

I am the hero of this story.

            I am the chosen one. 

            I am the good guy. The one this world has to rely upon.

            This is my burden to bear and I will save the world from itself.

            I was born with a destiny. I knew of the prophecy on my broad shoulders from a young age. And began my training to be the hero as I should.

            Being born the first son to King Alaon and his Queen, I was not short of responsibilities. Let me tell you, I was not born perfect, I had to work for this strength and skill to reach the perfection seen today.

            I had to earn the respect of my father and the people, my soldiers know I’m the real deal.

            As the chosen, I had a duty. I worked in swordsmanship, horse riding, learning and more.

            My father and I get along well and my mother was a good woman before she died bearing another son for my father, my younger brother, Callan, who has always been weak and sickly. I do not interact with him much. Now my older sister, Chrishel, on the other hand has always been a trifle, I believe she is jealous of my strength and destiny. 

            She isn’t good enough to gain fathers approval and pride, so she blames me for accomplishing what she cannot. Tis not my fault she was born so weak and cannot better herself… But I digress, I am telling my story not hers.

            My story really starts with the day I went to the temple, the sky temple, the biggest, finest temple in the world. That is said to be the closest one can get to the God.

            And as I walked up the stairs staring my destiny in the face I couldn’t help feel the anticipation, for this was to be my first step.

            Resistance was expected, this temple was manned by the Elves, it was open to the public, to worship and pray. But as I looked up the steps, guards of the peace stood at the ready. Spears out and defensive. The elves planned to fight me.

They knew why I came.  

            For a sword. The sword. My sword.

            My people’s sword!

 To understand the depth of what I was doing and my right to do so. One should know our history. 

            The destined sword of war, the only one of its kind, one of the only things that can kill the High Elves of our neighboring kingdom. The elves stole the sword hundreds of years ago. Tricking my ancestor. 

            So of course my first task as the chosen one, I had to take back what was ours. What was mine. Only a Human with royal blood could wield the weapon. It was useless to the elves, they just stole it out of spite. 

Elves were like that, always stealing from the humans. Acting high and mighty, just because they lived longer.

I knew after taking back that sword I would be able to finally heal the scar between my kingdom and the elves. The scar they inflicted between us. But I would put it into the past. 

I will make their wrongs right.

So my first action to fix the relationship between us, had to be to take back what was mine… my peoples.

And if that meant fighting the temple guards… Then so be it. What was peace without war? Without sacrifice? 

The peace between our kingdoms is thin and practically just a word right now after all. I will snap it, and build a bridge. This was for the better.

I would bare these men’s lives for the world. What else could a hero do?

With this resolution in my heart, I met the eyes of the elves in front of me. I would give them one chance, for I am fair. “Move aside and I shall not harm anyone. I am only here to take back what rightfully is mine.” I said, “no one has to die today.”

My mercy was thrown in my face though, the elves pointed their spears at me. “There is nothing of yours here! Turn around and leave before you start something you cannot finish boy.” The commander spat, his armor shining in the sunlight, as he stood in my way. 

My blood boiled at his insult, but I did not let it cloud my judgment or my resolve. I pulled my sword from its sheath, letting it gleam in the same light. “If that is how you would like,” I said, “Then I have no choice.”

I shall not delve into the details of the battle, but my men and I had an advantage, with stronger and more men and the Lord’s blessing behind us, there was no competition, we won against the guardsmen with few casualties, the elves on the other hand had none but casualties.

I am not happy about the loss of lives, but I can not afford to be too merciful, after all I have the whole world’s lives to save, I must expect casualties.

And most of the civilians took my merciful request and abandoned the temple at all levels. 

I made my way up the rest of the way into the sky temple, built on so high it reached to the clouds, the air thin. I can feel God’s pressure in my ears as I walked to the top where my sword sat in the hands of a statued elvish king. 

Disgust curled my mouth, looking at the man who stole my great-great-great-grandfather’s sword, I barely glanced at the two priests that tried to attack me and stop me from making it to the statue, cutting the two of them down with a quick slash of my sword. 

“This is mine, and no one is left to stop me.” I said to the marble king, slicing his head off for good measure. 

As I grab a hold of the sword I feel a surge of power and strength go through me. 

This was the power stolen from us. This was my right. 

With this power I now can go to the elves’ lands and spread the peace I need to. For my people… And soon they will be my people as well.

I am the hero after all.

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