By Lexi Anders

There was a great and terrible storm. Everyone was sad because they couldn’t play outside. But one kid was especially sad because she didn’t have any friends.

She saw how everyone hated the storm and she came to the conclusion that if she got rid of it they would love her. Maybe even treat her like a queen!

So she gathered a slinky, a trashcan, and a rice bag for power. When her creation was finally assembled it resembled a vacuum. She set it outside and quickly became drenched. She pointed the nozzle towards the sky and braced for the work to begin. But, nothing happened.

She didn’t understand . . . Wait that’s it! She forgot the most vital ingredient.

She ran inside and searched desperately through the cupboards. One of the other children glanced at her dripping figure and ran away. Finally, she found the magical item and ran back out.

She applied the item and stepped back. Yes, that would do. Duct tape solves everything.

A great rumbling overpowered the storms thunder and the machine began to suck. Winds swept down and the storm was devoured by the machine.

The skies cleared and in the distance she saw something beautiful. An array of colors flew down to her and the rainbow road beckoned her onward.

She touched the stream of colors expecting her hand to go through, but it held and it had a strange, silky smooth texture. Out of curiosity she climbed up the slope until she was so high in the sky that the remaining wispy clouds brushed her. A dew lay over her and she slipped.

She was falling, falling, falling and then something feathery- no fur- no. Well,  something caught her. She rolled over and found it was- a griffin-whale.

She clung to it’s back in amazement and it flew into a strange cloud that was at the other side of the rainbow she had been following. It landed and let her down. 

There were giant plants and bright colors everywhere. The griffin-whale slit a giant flowery cactus and beckoned her over. It dipped a claw in and licked it. She did the same. Like pure sugar. She could live here forever! 

“Griffin-whale, will you be my friend?”

“Little one,” the creature spoke into her mind. “you stole my thunder, how can I be your friend after that?”

“I don’t understand.”

“The storms are my kingdom, but you’ve reduced it to this measly little cloud.” he gestured around with his claw.

“If I brought the storm back would you be my friend?”

The griffin-whale smiled. “Of course, but I’m afraid you cannot reverse what you’ve done.” 

“Sure I can.” 

Then she spun around and slid all the way down the rainbow to the ground. Around her children laughed and played, happy that the storm was over. They pointed when they saw her and cheered. 

But, she knew what she had to do. She found an edge of the duct tape and pulled until it was unraveled.

A rumbling began again and she warned the other children to stand back. Then the machine exploded in a howl of wind and water sprayed over the children. They cried and ran inside.

She however stayed and saw a griffin-whale wave at her.

It was a great and terrible storm, but sometimes storms are just hiding the rainbows.

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