The Debate

By Lexi Anders

(Story idea credited to my brother): 

Rose, Lime, and Grayson stood in the department store aisle facing off. Rose had asked the other two to help her pick out the color for her bedroom, but now they were being completely ridiculous.

“Banana yellow??” she grimaced. “Who would willingly paint that grime on their wall?”

“I happen to think it’s very cheerful!” Lime insisted.

“No, Rose is right. We should go with something neutral, like brown.” Grayson said dispassionately. 

“But, I do want it to be pretty! Brown is so boring!”

“Brown is refined.” Grayson insisted.

“Why would you do that when you could have something nice like, say apricot-!”

“You heathens!!!” a scream interrupted them.

The lights in the store flickered and the red glow of emergency lights replaced them. The three friends exchanged a look. They recognized the voice. 

Crimson zoomed above them with fire flickering from his fingertips. Seeing them he sent a blast of heat at them. Grayson calmly rose a barrier of stone from the ground to deflect it.

“What is it this time, Crimson?” Rose asked, looking up at his floating figure.

“I know that one of you stole my red velvet cake!” he burned with anger.

“Umm, no offense, but no one likes red velvet.” Lime peeked from behind a barrel of apples.

Grayson nodded in agreement. “It’s just so bland.”

Coming from him that was saying something. His favorite food was oatmeal.

“How could you say something like that about such a masterpiece of humanity? Even if you didn’t eat it you’ll definitely pay now!” He shot at them again.

This time Rose stepped in. She sent a swirl of glittery magic and the fire dissipated.

“Let’s take this outside shall we?” she needed to keep the paints from being damaged if she wanted to consider her options later. 

So the four waltzed out the front door and stood off in the parking lot.

Crimson, still flying, formed a ring of fire around the three friends. Lime summoned his power and lime juice swept over the flames. Crimson boiled with rage. Lime laughed nervously. A lime appeared in his hand and he offered it to Crimson.

Grayson sighed and sent a boulder at Crimson before he could retaliate. Crimson barely evaded it and sent a whirlwind of fire back. Rose once again sent the glittery air to erase the flames.

“This is getting nowhere.” 

She glanced at Lime and he smiled. He sent juice at Crimson, but Crimson boiled the liquid in midair. While he was distracted Grayson formed a slope for Rose to run up. 

Crimson turned back just in time for Rose to throw a gust of glitter in his face. 

“Aaaah! My eyes! Why do you always do that??” then Crimson flew away.

Grayson brushed his clothes off, unconcerned, and turned to walk back into the store.

“That kid never learns.” Rose shook her head. 

“At least it will take him days to get the glitter out of his clothes.” Lime joked.

They came back to the paint aisle. 

“After all that I think I have the perfect idea for your wall color.” Grayson said coolly.

“What?” Rose and Lime asked together.

“You want your wall to be pretty right? Well, white is all the colors together so it has to be pretty.”

Rose sighed. “It might be better than banana yellow, but I think I’ll pass.”  

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