My Birthday Outing

By Xaris, age 9

“Frog legs for sale?” questioned Amelia. “This is where you’re taking me for my birthday?”

“Yes, I knew you would love it,” answered Jasmine.

“Come in, come in, don’t stand there out in the cold or heat or…Just come in,” said the waiter. “You must be hot or cold from staying outside at the circus all day.”

“Well actually…”

“Amelia, don’t be rude!” said Jasmine. Amelia rolled her eyes.

“Take a seat. Here are the menus,” called the waiter.

“So what do you want, salted, peppered, seasoned, or just plain?” asked Jasmine.

“Seasoned from Brazil,” she answered.

“There are a couple from Brazil. Which one?”

“I don’t care. This is a cool place.”

“I know, it’s in a tunnel which is new.”

“Are you ready?” asked the waiter.

“Yes. I want toasted toads and she wants seasoned from Brazil anything except poison dart frogs.”


They ate their food and went on their way.

They went on the Ferris wheel, got some cotton candy. Then they fed the elephants and went home.

On the way home Amelia said, “You know those frog legs weren’t actually bad.”

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