As You Find Them

By ED Nobody


Dear PP

I’m sorry for bailing last letter. I was in the middle of writing something wasn’t I? Oh well, not important. Anyway, how have you been? Did you clean up after the bomb okay?

I hope so, oh well write you later.




I forgot why I was writing you!

Gary is going to kill you on the 8th.

Go to where the bomb was and HIDE!!! Hurry!!!


Dear Past Person

or PP for short. I finally have time to write you again. And hopefully will be able to shed light on what I said last time about Gary. But first I have to warn you of the bomb in your house!

It’s in the basement!

Go take care of that NOW!!!



Dear PP

I have an Idea, hide a gun in the basement, you know where the bomb was. Just so you’re prepared for the 8th.


Dear person from the past. I hope you find this letter in good health. I am writing you because I need to warn you of your coming doom.

You are going to die soon…

Well kinda it’s hard to explain…

I’ll start off by saying do not trust Gary!

Trust me he is not good!

I write more soon.


Dear PP

I am so glad the bomb didn’t kill you. It would have been terribly unfortunate. But all’s good now.

Anyway I was going to warn you about Gary because he’s a bad guy. Sorry I shouldn’t worry you about your neighbor like that. Especially before explaining how I’m a person from the future. You must have thought this was a joke before the bomb thing.

Whoops got to go.

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