Police Car

By M. J. Austins

     He sidled up to the police car, keeping an eye an extremely careful eye on the policeman Vaughn was keeping occupied. As soon as he drew even with the car he dropped down to let it shield him.
     He crawled along until he reached the passenger car and peeked in. The keys were still in the ignition, though the car wasn’t running.
He pulled the door handle. It was unlocked and the door opened with virtually no sound.
He crawled in, latching the door behind him.
He slid into the drivers seat, cursing his friends to be reprimanded by their mothers. He vowed to never play truth and dare again and started the car.

     Vaughn watched the police car pull away and silently applauded his friend. He glanced at the officer, who was watching his stolen cruiser disappear with an odd look on his face.

    “Funny,” the officer finally said. “That’s the third time this month.”

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