By Natasha Blade

Miles didn’t even try for subterfuge; he bolted, showing parkour skills he didn’t realize he had, as he leapt over cars and scrambled around corners.

“Stop him!”

Miles skidded down an alley and ducked behind some trash containers. After the stampede he dared to move down the alley, and after scrambling over a random fence he casually entered the street. No one called him on exiting an alley so he strode down the road like he WASN”T a fugitive, possibly with a rather large bounty on his head.

He thought he was doing a rather good job of looking innocent, but as his heart began to slow down an alarm sounded and everyone not used crisis’ decided this was a good reason to panic. Miles nearly had a heart attack with all the panicking noise and started panicking himself and hid in a taxi that conveniently had a couple open doors.

He closed the door behind him and got as low down as he could. “Go away sirens, go away.”

There was a loud thwack as if heavy glass doors were opened in a hurry. Miles froze and stopped whispering to himself. The two closed doors on the taxi were flung open and admidst much shouting it was quickly filled and all the doors were slammed shut.

The taxi tore down the street, bouncing Miles around and making him feel sick and sore at the driver.

“WHAT on earth – What are you doing here?! Who are you?”

Miles finally opened his eyes. “First tell me why—“ He took in his surroundings. “You’re bank robbers. That’s why you’re speeding. I accidentally stowed away in the getaway car. AGAIN.” He slumped. “And I was trying to avoid criminals.”

“Who are you and WHAT are you doing here?” The man prodded Miles with his foot because there wasn’t enough room to kick him. “And what do you mean by ‘again’?”

Miles took no notice of the gun pointed at him and grumbled under his breath. “EVERY time I try to go straight SOMETHING happens and I somehow end up guilty of more crimes then when I was trying to break the law.”

He was nudged again. “Speak up, I can’t hear what you’re saying.”

Miles straightened up and frowned. “I don’t want to be dragged into crime again. I’m leaving.”

Miles launched himself through the open window in an amazing feat of agility and rolled down the steep ditch only to land among kidnappers and to be neatly framed for the kidnapping.

The End

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