The Color of the Seasons

By Frank Pickles

Blue, the color of Winter.

It was The first day of Winter. The blue sky shone.
One would have never thought of what would happen next.
But the unexpected always seems to happen when you
least expect it. That’s why it’s called unexpected.
December 20th the snow began to fall from a clear
blue sky. It was honestly one of the most beautiful things
I’d seen in a while. Andre and I walked through town
square as the snow slowly fell and Christmas music
started to play in the background.
Andre stopped in the middle of the street and knelt
in the accumulating snow.
“Marion, will you marry me?” My face grew hot and
I didn’t know what to say. The peaceful blue beautiful sky
screamed “SAY YES!” as I stood there astonished.
“Yes! Yes Andre! I will marry you!”

Pink, the color of Spring.

The next few months flew by with a crazy amount of
festivities. Andre and I were happier than we had ever
been. The ring he’d ordered for me had finally arrived
and I was now sporting a bright pink stone on my left
hand. The cherry blossoms were blooming and I felt like
my world was complete.
One evening Andre came to me with a gift. In it was
a small heart necklace saying “My love” on it. I couldn’t
see it but I’m sure my face grew pink. Is this was a
blushing bride feels like? I can’t wait to find out for sure.
I felt like everything was falling perfectly into place and
the world was bright and pink.

Green, the color of Summer.

Again months flew by. The trees and grass were in
full bloom. Everything grew and became bright and warm.

Andre and I grew closer and stronger. Every
morning I would wake up to him bringing me flowers.
The greenery filled my apartment day after day. The
sunlight would flood in with all of the happiness we had.

Orange, the color of Autumn

The green leaves turned to yellow then orange and
brown, and with it the sky went up in flames. The once
happy blue sky turned orange and red and fiery.
“MARION!” he screamed from the doorway. “I can’t
believe you would do this!”
“I’m sorry! I can’t fix it any more!” the flames
enveloped the relationship leading to dark, charred, grey

Grey, the color of Winter.

It was all too soon that the year came to an end.
December 20th, the first day of winter. He left, I saw it

coming, but at the same time, I didn’t. One would have
never thought that this could happen. But the unexpected
always seems to happen when you least expect it. That’s
why it’s called unexpected.

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