Story Time

By ED Nobody

Once upon a time, there was a dragon that stole a princess away from a castle. She screamed and cried for help, but no one could save her from the clutches of the dark gray dragon before she disappeared, carried away by the beast.

The prince had to save her, and set off on his white steed, because all princes seem to have white horses, for some reason.

Anyway, the princess was tied up by the master of the dragon, his name is unknown, but he is a terrible man who sends his dragon after kids who misbehave. MAWHHAHAHAHAHA


That doesn’t even make sense,” A child interjected stopping puppet show momentarily, “What do you mean young child?” replied the voice behind the curtains who was telling the story.

Why would he steal a princess then, if he gets kids who misbehave huh?”

Maybe the princess wasn’t obeying the king that day! Yeah that’s what happened the princess was being bad so that is why the dragon kidnapped her. Now be quiet, and let me finish the story.”


Where was I… oh yes,” The evil man is only known as no eye! For his left eye was ripped out by the claws of a dragon, leaving only four long claw marks along the left side of his face surrounding the gaping hole.

No eye, locks up the children and brain washes them into working in the mines for him, all day, everyday. He is a truly evil man.

The prince knew of No-eye and his vicious dragon and knew he only had three days before the princess, his little sister was brainwashed and lost forever! He pushed his horse full speed, day and night to get to the-…


Wait, a horse can’t ride day and night full speed!” Again the child protested, stopping the horse and prince puppets mid gallop, “What?” asked the narrating voice annoyed. “Nothing can run all day and night without rest and a horse would get tired and slow without constant breaks and water. Don’t you know anything?”

With a heavy sight the puppeteer responded, “Yes of course I know that!” He snapped, “you didn’t let me finish, so be quiet and enjoy the story.” And again the story continued  


So he pushed his horse, adding of course short breaks in between, as they made their way to the secret cave of the villain before-”  



What now!? Asked the exasperated story teller. “How does the prince know where the villains hideout is if it’s secret.”

He just knows.”

But how? You have to have a reason, or that’s bad storytelling.”

He asked the castles sorcerer to find where the princess was. If that satisfies you, I am going to continue my story now.”

The kid was quiet for a  moment and the storyteller thought he could continue before the kid asked, “then why didn’t the sorcerer find him a long time ago?”

What?” asked the very frustrated, hidden person.

Well, you said that No-eye has been kidnapping kids before, why didn’t they find him a long time ago and stop him while he was kidnapping normal people?”

Because they only care about royalty. Time to face reality.” snapped the storyteller finally shutting up the clever child.


Where was I um,” He had to get to where No-Eye had taken his sister before it was too late. Before her mind was controlled.

The princess cried for help as No-Eye began his mind control on her, the dragon staying outside the cave, standing guard, in case someone tried to save the princess.

The prince made it on the second day of his sisters disappearance and found the dragon at the entrance of the cave and heard his sisters cries for help within the cave.

He had to vanquish the dragon and save his sister. So the prince, in full armor approached the beast. Shouting, “I will slay you!” And running at the dragon with his sword forward.

The dragon, not much of a fighter and not really loyal to No-eye flew up and away from the cave leaving No-eye to fight the prince himself, never trust a dragon kids they will leave you in heartbeat.


Why would we trust a dragon?” The kid asked again interrupting the story.

Only a stupid person would do that.” A little girl said, from the back.

I was only giving advice,” Huffed the puppeteer, “now be quiet and listen to the ending, or I’ll stop right here.”


With the dragon gone, the prince made his way into the cave that he knew he’d find the villain No-Eye. “NO-EYE?!” He yelled pointing his sword at the man shrouded in the dark. “I have come to save my sister, let her go.” He ordered.

The villain cackled at his words, “I see you have gotten past my dragon.” He said, only to be told “You’re dragon flew away, he let me pass.”

What?!” Asked the man in black, sounding surprised and angry, before charging at the prince with a dagger.

They fought in that small space, the prince restricted with his long sword could only protect himself. But not for long because No-Eye threw the dagger at him, stabbing him in the side. The prince went down.


A collective gasp from the kids stopped the storyteller for a moment, although not from the disbelieving child shaking his head finding plot holes. But the storyteller continued.


Laughing No-Eye grinned down on the prince, “such a pity, you would have done well in my mines.” he said with a laugh, but suddenly the prince jumped up and thrust his sword through No-Eye. Making the Villain stumble back and fall, the prince injured, but still alive stumbled to his sister and cut her ropes, and carried her away, not noticing that No-Eye was no longer where he fell, but had vanished.

The prince helped his sister on the white horse and they rode off home. Never seen again.


Wait? What do you mean never seen again? And is No-Eye alive? Wasn’t he killed by that sword!? Storyteller what do you mean?”

Awe, I think I’ve answered enough questions don’t you?” asked the storyteller, as he walked away, perhaps never to be seen again.


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