Here are the most recent story rules:

* The story is told in letters that are sent back in time.

* Write at least 5 letters.

* As always, keep it clean! Due December 11th.

Newly Posted Stories

The King’s Circus by Lexi Anders

Gilbert doesn’t know why he’s been cast into the king’s secret dungeons, but when matters get worse and he’s summoned to hop before the king, he wonders what his missing brother Frank may have been up to. A “Frog Collector” story.

Five Easy Steps to Facing Bob by Lexi Anders

Taylor is just skimming the article. She isn’t prepared for it to be about a spinach ghost named Bob. This isn’t real, is it? A story with a queer beginning that quirks itself into an allegory. From the “How to…Subtitle” rules.

Frog Collector by Rachel Carlson

Nadulous Breck has a pleasingly rare specimen to add to his exotic poison collection…but if he cannot find a way–and soon–to keep the Trembobulal Scipperfried from melting its way free with its poisonously acidic saliva, he will fare no better than his late assistant. This story subscribes to the “Frog Collector” rules.

Frogcatcher’s Song by Hannah Christensen

This poem follows the growth of a child who loves to catch frogs. It follows the “Frog Collector” rules.

Circus Catch by Hannah Christensen

Billy is certain the frog he sees at the circus is the mate to the frog he has at home. He isn’t supposed to leave the bigger boys, but they will never notice he is gone…will they? A “Frog Collector” story.

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