New Story Rules

First, stories from the last round. Enjoy these Laundromat stories. I would suggest reading “Black Friday” before reading “Something Less Suspicious”. The Music Store by Xaris Well, what would YOU expect from a store named this? Lintball by Hannah Christensen After crash landing on a strange planet, Anewac’s search for life-giving warmth brings him into… Read More New Story Rules


Here are the most recent story rules: * The story is told in letters that are sent back in time. * Write at least 5 letters. * As always, keep it clean! Due December 11th. Newly Posted Stories The King’s Circus by Lexi Anders Gilbert doesn’t know why he’s been cast into the king’s secret… Read More Updates

Here is a list of the most recently added short stories: How to Get Henchmen in 5 Easy Steps by Natasha Blade A “How to __ in 5 Easy Steps Subtitle” story where a successful villain named Bob passes on valuable advice concerning henchmen via slideshow. Just a Few Embellishments by Natasha Blade What starts… Read More