Abecedarian Christmas

Angels flood the sky with light.

“Behold the King who comes tonight:

Christ, anointed for the the task,

Declaring war with God is past.”

Every man there shakes in fear

From the messenger they hear.

“Glory be to God on high!

Hear the sign of Savior nigh:

In a manger you will see

Jesus, wrapped up carefully.”

“King in manger? Can it be?

Let us see what we will see.”

Mary, Joseph, babe in stall–

Now surrounded. Shepherds all

Open-mouthed say, “It is true!

Praise the Lord! And peace to you!”

Quiet shatters in the town.

Running shepherds beat doors down.

“Sleepyheads, we’ve news to tell!

There’s a Savior! All is well!”

Utter puzzlement sets in–

Very odd this midnight din.

With the message comes this thought:

Xenophobe our God is not.

You and I and all have hope,

Zion’s gates put in our scope.

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