Singing Statutes

“Thy statutes have been my songs in the house of my pilgrimage.” Psalm 119:54

When I read through Psalm 119, the psalmist’s eulogies on the word of God and his love for it tend to overwhelm and dishearten me when compared to how my own affections fall short. It’s not just the promises and blessings he was waxing eloquent about, but all those lists of commandments and statutes.

The last time I read this verse, however, I saw it in a different light. It was not only that he loved the statutes of the Lord so much that he sang them (though when looking at the rest of the chapter, I cast no doubt on that); song can lodge words in your heart. He not only sang the law because it was in his heart, he sang the the law to put it in his heart.

I can do that. I can specifically seek out and learn songs that are scripture. It would take time and effort, but looking back at verse 11 of the same chapter (“Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against Thee”), there would be an added benefit: aid in spiritual battle.

One thought on “Singing Statutes

  1. HRC

    Here is another thought about Psalm 119

    What will the Bible give to those who live by it?

    All from Psalm 119
    1. The Bible gives purpose. Vs 5
    2. The Bible gives awareness. Vs 9
    3. The Bible gives direction. Vs 24
    4. The Bible gives life. Vs 25 and 37 and 88 and 93 and 107 and 149 and 156
    5. The Bible gives strength. Vs 28
    6. The Bible gives freedom. Vs 32
    7. The Bible gives liberty. vs 45
    8. The Bible gives hope. Vs 49
    9. The Bible gives meaning to life. Vs 73
    10. The Bible gives wisdom. Vs 98
    11. The Bible gives light. Vs 105 and 130
    12. The Bible gives victory. Vs 116
    13. The Bible gives protection. Vs 121
    14. The Bible gives purity. Vs 133
    15. The Bible gives answers. Vs 145
    16. The Bible gives promises. Vs 147
    17. The Bible gives stability. Vs 165
    18. The Bible gives power. Vs 173
    19. The Bible gives security. Vs 176

    I like Psalm 119!



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