Tolerance of God

The heart of man is fertile ground

For every evil ever found:

Injustice, greed,

And every breed

Of lust and hate in there is bound.

God cannot call the sinner just.

To tell a lie would break all trust:

No judge to rule

Oppressors cruel,

No vengeance for those crushed to dust.

But though all wrong must have its due

He keeps His love of man in view.

“I will forbear

And show my care

And wait before my vengeance sue.”

In toleration long He waits

While evil grows and good abates.

No instant wrath

Devours man’s path

But blessings still attend their gates.

The years stream by–will man repent

And seek forgiveness for his bent

And evil will?

Or transgress still

Until the wrath is full for vent?

One thought on “Tolerance of God

  1. HRC

    The way you write poetry is extraordinary! The way you describe the
    tolerance of God is astounding. My own sin life is painful enough but
    now after this poem, it hurts even more. The mercy of God and His
    forgiveness is unbelievable. How can He even desire to have a
    relationship with me? At the cost of His Son! This poem is perfect
    for Resurrection Sunday.

    Thank you



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