More Story Updates

Yikes! It’s been so long since I’ve managed to get a blog posted. I have been working on it, in case anyone wonders, but only now is it ready.

First of all, we did share stories in December, and here are some new stories, following the Story in Letters rules.

Dear Charlie by Hannah Christensen

“I call you dear, which is undoubtably true, being my own younger self, But I have grown to despise you. It is your fault. If it had not been for the fiasco you pulled today, the Governorship would be plum pudding in the bag.” So what’s an older self to do?

Apology Letters by Natasha Blade

Samuel Lastfarthing-Smith is diligent in pursuing criminals across time, despite the trail of mayhem left behind. Never fear, he is equally diligent in writing apology letters to any affected parties.

Penpals by Lexi Anders

Imagine if you were assigned Robert de Bruce as a pen-pal for school. No, for real. This is the modern world, after all, and every clone should know how to properly use modern technology. After all, I’m sure RB won’t mind.

As You Find Them by ED Nobody

What’s that note over by the lamp? Who is this PP they are addressed to? Why are they here? Who are they from? And what’s this about a bomb?

After sharing stories, we did decide on a new set of rules: The End Matches the Beginning. The stories for those had to not only have the end match the beginning, but color had to be significant in them. Like I said, it’s been a long time since I’ve actually posted, and I’m sorry to inform you about this AFTER those stories were shared and the next set of rules decided on. I do have some of those stories here to share, though.

The Color of the Seasons by Frank Pickle

Watch the seasons wheel, the feelings turn, in a kaleidoscope of color. This piece reminds me of a poem in prose, especially in its original script, which, alas, did not transfer. Welcome, Frank Pickle!

Footsteps in the Dark by Hannah Christensen

Brune keeps his head down and his sister near. He must keep their secret safe. But then a boy shows up on the forbidden Bridge. Will caution be enough to keep them safe from the ever near tromp of the soldier’s boots?

Leaf by Leaf by Natasha Blade

A Story in Pictures

On to the most recent story rules. First, listen to the song The People in the Car by Joe Scruggs (click for a link to youtube). Now you have your inspiration. Sound effects welcome.

To close, one last story recently submitted:

My Birthday Outing, by Xaris, age 9

Amelia isn’t so sure about the plans Jasmine has made to celebrate her birthday. Is that really what she wants to do?

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