New Story Rules…and One New Story

The last story had a great selection of stories, only two unfinished (one of which was mine). I wish I had more to post, but so far this is the only one submitted. However, it was one of my favorites. Read it and leave a comment on your favorite character!

Dream’s Octobot

by Lexi Anders

Dream is fed up with obligatory parties and boring school and has a plan to be rid of it for good. After all, how hard should it be for someone who invented her own octobot maid to take over the world? And evil geniuses never get caught…

New Rules

These are the parameters to build your story around: theater, toaster, trainer.

I know, the wording is a bit vague. We could have just said “Write your story about a theater, toaster, and trainer” or “Write a story about a trainer and a toaster that happens at a theater”, but this is the way it got worded this time.

So…what tricks will YOUR toaster trainer be showing off at the circus theater? I mean, how will the diction trainer save the theater from the big, bad toaster? Or was that the police force instructor finding out why there are toasters on the theater folding chairs he installed in his office?

Please, send your stories in! I would love to see them, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

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