Bustle or Blessing

This has been a busy month, no surprise. As I watch the days slide by, I wonder if I have tried to take on too many projects this Christmas season. There is always the danger of getting so busy that celebration gets lost, so lost in the celebration that the meaning is lost.

While I contemplated that while buzzing away on the sewing machine, I realized there was another side. Almost every aspect of busy-ness was a facet of people in my life. Thinking about how God has gifted me with those relationships is a blessing.

As the next couple of weeks scamper by, I now have a double objective in counterpoint to Christmas preparations and activities.

First, don’t get swept away from the Lord God and the gift of the Lord Jesus Christ that is the reason for celebration.

Second, be thankful for the people behind the bustle. Don’t stress over timelines–do the best I can, and use judgement to simplify as needed, but be thankful, not anxious, for the blessing of people.

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