Next Round of Stories

Despite the time that has elapsed since last time I posted stories, there are not a whole lot listed here. Sorry. More stories were written, just not turned in, whether due to being written on paper or not being finished or some other factor. In the meantime, here is what I have…

MMMMooooooliciousness by Lexi Anders

The country is in danger of being destroyed by meteorites!…again. Seriously, why does this keep happening? If the Space Force can’t keep incoming meteors neutralized, then maybe it is time for a pair of sibling with super powers to step up. After all, growing bananas for hair and making people fall on anything you put down should surely be adequate to deal with…wait, WHO’s responsible for all these meteorites??

An Inconvenient Power story.

Drive Me Crazy by Hannah Christensen

Roy envies his sister’s Driver’s License, but Jess isn’t so sure it is as much a curse as it is a blessing. All she wants to do is have enough time to work on her photography, but the little buzz heading her way threatens to inconvenience her more than ever.

An Inconvenient Power story.

Above the Scenes by Hannah Christensen

What the masses flocking to the theater do not realize is that the true power is the one above the scenes, not the mere manipulators behind the scenes. The true power is mine–and no bat is going to steal it from me.

An Inconvenient Power story.

The Letter in A-2 by Hannah Christensen

The address on the long, creamy envelope was printed, leaving no tell-tale hints in handwriting, but the distinctive odor lingering around it should guide him to the right addressee. He slipped it into an inner pocket to deliver…and the chase was on.

A Memory Loss Story

Forget the Future by Lexi Anders

Two friends. Two secrets. And one giant jump into the future to maybe fix everything. Just don’t let the Chronos Snatchers get you.

A Memory Loss Story

New Rules

For the next story…

Time: 1800s

Character: a parent

Moral: Always give your mother chocolate.

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