Story Rules and a Few More Stories

The new story rules are: Write a high fantasy story–a story that takes place in a fantasy world. Include an enchanted sword and the plot point of betrayal.

But what about what has actually been finished and typed up? Yes, here are some more to enjoy!

The Theatre Disaster

by Xaris, age 10

It started out as a boring show…but that was before the toaster had its feelings hurt.

A Toaster, Trainer, Theater story.

Does it Absolutely Need to be Toast?

by Lexi Anders

Actors are known for being difficult, but this movie was taxing Rosemary in new ways. Wulf refused to eat a piece of toast for his scene without gagging, and Herschel dogged her steps all hours of the day. These helpless actors would not make her lose her job, though–she would get Wulf to like toast if it was the last thing she did!

A Toaster, Trainer, Theater story.

Toaster Sales

by Hannah Christensen

The only address left on Caleb’s list of places to sell toasters is the theater. A challenge, to be sure, but he’s up to the assignment. After all, who can say no to a piece of toast?

A Toaster, Trainer Theater story.

Captain Noseless

by Jerry

It’s time for Jimmy to put down his adventure story and help sort through his dad’s stuff. He can’t remember where his mom said to start, but that should have no consequences at all, right?

A Picture Inspired story.

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