Plan Change

Today I was prepared to clean the bathroom. It was on the plans, and I was ready to go. Things did not work that way.

Mom began the day saying, “Everyone go outside and help pick up the sticks your dad heard falling all night.”

Now, picking up sticks is a good excuse for being outside. Besides which, the weather was absolutely delightful–the wind that had blown the sticks down had also cooled the temperature from almost in the 100s to almost needing a jacket. It had blown all the mosquitoes away as well. Who would rather be inside cleaning a dirty bathroom than outside in the beautiful weather working as a team?

Strangely, I had to remind myself of that.

Why does it seem so inherent in human nature to look for things to complain about? If something isn’t going just right–or even just as expected, there’s the temptation to balk. I can be so foolish.

That is with things I can SEE how they are actually good. When I can’t see, it’s even harder. I need to keep reminding myself that God is good as well as in charge…and let myself enjoy the fresh air and sunshine along the way.

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