New Story Rules

First, stories from the last round. Enjoy these Laundromat stories. I would suggest reading “Black Friday” before reading “Something Less Suspicious”. The Music Store by Xaris Well, what would YOU expect from a store named this? Lintball by Hannah Christensen After crash landing on a strange planet, Anewac’s search for life-giving warmth brings him into… Read More New Story Rules

I See You

Recently, the Elementary School I work at has installed a program where the teachers can see what each of their students are doing online. I’ve enjoyed seeing the children’s reactions when their teachers explain, “Now I see everything all of you are doing. I can tell if you go to a site you’re not supposed… Read More I See You

Here is a list of the most recently added short stories: How to Get Henchmen in 5 Easy Steps by Natasha Blade A “How to __ in 5 Easy Steps Subtitle” story where a successful villain named Bob passes on valuable advice concerning henchmen via slideshow. Just a Few Embellishments by Natasha Blade What starts… Read More