Here is a list of the most recently added short stories:

How to Get Henchmen in 5 Easy Steps by Natasha Blade20

A “How to __ in 5 Easy Steps Subtitle” story where a successful villain named Bob passes on valuable advice concerning henchmen via slideshow.

Just a Few Embellishments by Natasha Blade

What starts out as a simple nautical confrontation turns into a story of mermaids…an “Origin of Mermaids” story.

Fair Faced Planet by Hannah Christensen

Space Rover Captain Philip and his crew are helping to deliver supplies to a vacation perfect planet…which has a suspiciously growing number of equipment malfunctions. Story 1 of the “All in a Week’s Work” series.

Lunar Grace by Hannah Christensen

A simple delivery of tryglitrolene is jeopardized when smugglers enter the picture. Story 2 in the “All in a Week’s Work” series.

Wormhole Travel has Far to Go by Hannah Christensen

Space Rover Captain Philip’s crew have an encounter with space pirates. Story 3 in the “All in a Week’s Work” series.

Woeful Nebula by Hannah Christensen


When Space Rover Captain Philip looks for a place to make repairs on his ship, he makes some surprising discoveries. Story 4 in the “All in a Week’s Work” series. Also, it follows the rules to the Communication Barrier story rules.

Ten Meters Back by Natasha Blade

Newly arrived Jay knows that the space station is too old to be able to handle the updates. All he has to do is prove that it actually is malfunctioning. A Communication Barrier story

Household Appliances by Natasha Blade

The smarter the appliances, the more complicated life can get…even if you never notice, yourself. A Communication Barrier story.

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  1. Thank you for posting these new short stories.

    I really enjoy reading your new stories.

    They add a little joy to my days.



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