More Stories

Here are stories from past rules I hadn’t put up yet. Enjoy!


By ED Nobody

As the Chosen One, it is my Destiny to reclaim the sword from the Sky Temple. None dare stand in my way, for I will prevail. I am the Hero.

An Enchanted Sword story.

Kingdom’s Alignment

By Lexi Anders

As one of the Unblessed Ones, Daykin is belittled and harried in his service in the Sky Kingdom. He’s only trying to keep peace. But everyone around him seems to want to drag him into their schemes to sneak off and find the Lost Blade.

An Enchanted Sword story.

The Sword Flamed Red

By Hannah Christensen

Even though the tree-stand is under attack, Arioch is confident they will withstand…until the unthinkable happens. The small band of refugees who escape search for a haven, but without a tree-stand to unite them, how will they even remain undivided?

An Enchanted Sword story.

Having Plans

By Natasha Blade

“If your mother insists on a long ceremony then arrange for a distraction to spare your guests.”

Sabre wishes the weddings he’s been assigned to for taking research notes on were a little more considerate in that way. Still, there’s always cake…

He counts down the time to being down with this odious task, unaware of the attention his attendances are stirring.

A Calendar Story.

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