New Story Rules

First, stories from the last round. Enjoy these Laundromat stories. I would suggest reading “Black Friday” before reading “Something Less Suspicious”.

The Music Store by Xaris

Well, what would YOU expect from a store named this?

Lintball by Hannah Christensen

After crash landing on a strange planet, Anewac’s search for life-giving warmth brings him into a most curious building. As long as he’s stuck for the night, he might as well explore.

Black Friday by Natasha Blade

Robert is certain the laundromat he started work in as manager is hiding something…if he could only prove what illegal activity they were up to. Too bad he’s too unobservant to read the notebook.

Packed with Natasha’s classic humor.

Something Less Suspicious by Lexi Anders

Hey, all we do in here is…laundering (wink, wink). Nothing suspicious at all. If you would stop worrying about the broken washing machine and just let us go about our business, I’m sure it would quite…profitable (nudge, nudge).

New Story Rules

Artwork by Marie Cardouat and Piero for the card game Dixittm: Odyssey put out by Lilliput

This picture is your story prompt. It was fun going through the card game and voting on which picture to use.

Due date: October 30, 2021

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