Did I really forget to post the next set of rules? We are planning on having them due in October, too! October 17th, to be exact.

Current rules: The whole story must take place in the circus and secret tunnels. Include a frog collector.

I also have some new stories up for your enjoyment.

My Other Life by Hannah Christensen

Nicola hates her guardian, Lord Ovin’s, oppression over the serfs on his land, but feels helpless. Then her man-at-arms, Martin, opens a way for her to make a difference. Working undercover to relieve the peasants is exciting, satisfying, and…more and more complicated. Where will this double life lead her? A “My Other Life” story.

Frivolous Complexity by Lexi Anders

Getting a letter from someone he cannot remember is odd enough, but the fact that it includes an invitation to go sky-diving at 2 a.m. But Gerald’s life is only starting to get weird. After all, how many piranhas can you encounter in a day and it still be normal? A “Chapter Titles” story.

Adventures in Space by Caleb, age 11

Captain Starfleet is worried that his communicator may have made the new aliens upset with him.

Travel Through Space by Xaris, age 9

A crash landing brings two travelers into a new world. Who will they meet there?

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