“People in the Car” Results

At the end of May the “People in the Car” inspired stories were shared. Sorry it’s taken so long to get them up–I know at least one person is impatiently waiting. Here are the stories from that set of rules given to me so far.

The People in the Car (Sleeping Princess sequel) by MJ Austins

Clarence, Martin, and Jenny from the Sleeping Princess mattress shop are back! (If you wish to read the original story first, click here.) This time they are given the challenge of making a delivery…and if that doesn’t sound like a challenge, it’s because you’ve never seen ‘work together’. A worthy sequel, filled with humor.

The Bus Ride by Miss Orchid

The bus driver is worried. What ARE those strange noises? Did he hit something without noticing?

The People in the Car by Simeon Christensen

How would YOU like driving this car?

The King’s Car by Hannah Christensen

Ferda is tasked with driving home the king’s car from Kevorkia. He is prepared for complications from this neighboring kingdom–it’s not exactly an enemy, but not exactly friendly, either–but the car itself has the most surprises in store. Will he successfully finish his task?

The Sneaky Trick by Xaris, age 9

Vacations are supposed to be fun, but this car trip is too long. The kids in the back are bored. But will their plans for entertainment really help the trip go faster?

New Rules

Are you ready for the new set of rules?

The story must take place at a laundromat with a misleading name.

The expected due date is early August. At the end of July I should start looking for a specific date.

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