Stories Trickling In

All the stories here are from various past rule sets. Enjoy!

The Debate by Lexi Anders

“What color shall I paint my room?” is not a trivial question. Is Rose powerful enough to pick a color she likes without destroying her friendships?

An “End Matches the Beginning” story.

Tringe by Miss Orchid

Tringe?? What does that mean, anyway?

An “End Matches the Beginning” story.

Friends? by Lexi Anders

She is lonely, but she knows what to do. But gaining favor with the children may not be the best way to make friends, after all.

An “End Matches the Beginning” story.

The Golden Ball; or, The Frog’s Side of the Story by Hannah Christensen

Why would an enchanted prince want to marry someone who had despised him and tried to break her promise to him, even if she did add a kiss at the end? And what if the kiss isn’t the true version, but she actually threw him at the wall instead? And who was this Henry, the happiest of all at the prince’s return? You need to hear the frog’s side of the story to find out.

A “Fairy Tale Retelling” story.

Goblin in Cargo Bay by MJ Austins

He knows how to live in the dump. Investigate shiny things. Don’t get hit by run-by garbage drops. But this ship is different. It’s coming down itself.

A “Stowaway” story.

Revenge of the Calendar by MJ Austins

The only thing he had put on for the whole month so far was his sister’s birthday! The man obviously had issues, but what’s a calendar to do about it? Come to think about, what IS a calendar to do about it…

A “Calendar” story.

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